Wednesday, 16 November 2016

November so far!

We went on a wellie walk looking for signs of Winter. 

We decided to send our alien home to Space because he had lost his sparkle and looked miserable. Everyone drew their ideas of how we could get him back up into the sky. We decided to attach him to two balloons and it worked! He went up and up and up!

We made poppies and took them to the war memorial in the village. The poppies were for all the soldiers who have died fighting in wars.

We made rangoli patterns and learned that Sikh and Hindu people make patterns at Diwali because they believe that patterns spread happiness. 

We have been learning some new multicultural games. We did French skipping and a game with a whale from Finland.

We have also been doing some edible learning. We learned to weigh the ingredients for cakes using an egg. We balanced all flour, butter and sugar with our egg. We all agreed that we should do some more learning that we could eat!