Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Wild Wednesday at Knettishall Heath

We had a Wild Wednesday at Knettishall Heath.

We used our senses to meet a tree! We looked at it, touched it and felt it. We even gave our trees names. 

One tree looked like it was bleeding.

Another  tree had a fairy pool and a fairy house.

Another tree had fungi growing on it that looked like a bee hive.

We searched for minibeasts. We found lots of ants, millipedes, worms, snails and beetles. We found a cucumber spider, a shield bug and an enormous toad!

After that we made our own creatures and little dens for them to live in.

Then we made dens for ourselves.

We had a lovely picnic and an exciting journey on the coach home.

Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Our First 'Wild Wednesday'!

We spent the whole day outside today. We made dens, potions, dug in the mud, made obstacle courses and played bowling. We even had a go at using a saw to cut some hazel slices.