Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Our Reading Share Morning

Our grown ups were invited to our Reading Share Day. We shared lots of fun, early reading activities together.

We played Bingo and practised matching phonemes to graphemes.
We practised blending phonemes to read words using the interactive white board.

We read instructions about how to make an apple alien.
We read instructions about how to make magical play dough.
We read the word and did the action.

We dug for treasure and rubbish words.
We used puppets to tell the story of The Room on the Broom.

We made pointers like wands to help us point to the words.

We made Silly Soup putting in the objects that rhymed.

We pretended to make potions.
We read Nursery rhymes.

Children from Year 6 came to read to us.

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Blooms Garden Centre and Bressingham Steam Museum

We had our first school visit. First, we went to Blooms Garden Centre. We had a Babychino drink in the cafe and iced some cakes. Next, we looked at and smelt some plants. We planted some broad bean seeds too.

Then we went to Bressingham Steam Museum. We were learning about things that are old and new, things that are the same and different and we were looking for numbers and graphemes that we have learned.

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Look at what has landed in Bumblebee's classroom!

A hot air balloon has landed! We have been using our imaginations to take flights to all sorts of magical places.

Welcome to our 2017-2018 Bumblebee Blog

We have been learning to do things for the first time.

We had our first lunch with our special Buddies.

We did P.E. on the field and watched Mr King run too.

We walked in a safe line around the school and looked for letters and words.

We made smoothies and talked about what we could see. 

We have been playing and learning with Rabbit class too.