Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Once Upon a Time and Far, Far Away........

Our new theme is called 'Once upon a time and far, far away.' We have been sharing some stories about cold places and have been thinking about being polar explorers.

First, we pretended to fly to the North Pole. We learned to take photos using the iPads and found out about polar animals. We listened to an online story about a penguin called Smartie who had a new tablet for his birthday. Smartie helped us to learn to use the Internet safely singing this song:

Before you tap and click 
You need to stop and think 
And tell someone!

We researched  polar bears on the Internet, we learned that they can be 2 sticks (metres) tall!

This week, we pretended to fly to China. Mrs Saunders came to visit and we learned about Chinese New Year.